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Our Services

There are many other office & house cleaning services to choose from. If you want one with over 15 years of experience, do not hesitate to call the trusted professionals at L & L Home and Office Cleaning Services, Inc. When you are tired of coming home from a long day at the office and having a cluttered and untidy space, we are here to help. Our licensed and insured staff has the skills, equipment, and work ethic to make your house look great. Our cleaners pride themselves on the meticulous, friendly, and professional service that they provide to all our customers.

If you’re looking for excellent cleaning services in Coral Springs, Florida, and a people-friendly approach, then you’ve come to the right place. At L & L Home and Office Cleaning Services, Inc., our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience with us a pleasant one.

Professional Cleaning

Professional office cleaning means more than removing dirt and grime from carpets, tiles, and floors. It is about keeping a workplace clean and bacteria-free, so every person that comes to work in that office sees how great the whole place looks. Not to mention the fact that maintaining your commercial office property clean needs to be one of the main focus points of any business owner, as it helps you gain the attention and respect of your customers, something which is crucial for any business. Our services for our valued customers include:

Some of our popular services include:

Living Areas & Bedrooms:

  • All of your carpeting and rugs are vacuumed
  • Vacuum, mop and dry all hard floor surfaces
  • All stairs are vacuumed
  • Flat surface areas are dusted with a damp cloth
  • We mop and dry wood floors
  • Your Marble is hand washed and dried
  • We tidy your room appearance
  • Dust all your furniture and knickknacks
  • Your linens are changed if requested
  • Your beds are made
  • Cobwebs are removed
  • Dusting is done in all areas


  • Your bathtubs and tile walls are cleaned and disinfected
  • Shower, shower doors, and walls are cleaned and disinfected
  • All mirrors are cleaned and shined
  • The sinks and countertops are cleaned and disinfected
  • Hard floors are mopped and dried
  • Bathroom carpeting and rugs are vacuumed
  • Your toilet is clean and disinfected
  • All fixtures are disinfected, cleaned and shined
  • We wipe down outside your cabinets, drawers and cabinet faces
  • All cobwebs removed
  • General dusting in all areas


  • Your kitchen sinks are scrubbed, disinfected and shined
  • All countertop appliances are cleaned
  • Your refrigerator exterior is wiped down
  • The outside of your range hood is cleaned
  • The top and front of your range is cleaned
  • The drip pans are scrubbed
  • Kitchen countertops are cleaned and disinfected
  • The outside of your cabinets and cabinet faces and doors are wiped down
  • The exterior of large appliances are cleaned
  • The inside and outside of your microwave is cleaned and disinfected
  • Table and chairs are cleaned
  • Carpet and rugs are vacuumed
  • Trash is emptied
  • All cobwebs are removed
  • Your walls are dusted

When you are simply too busy to keep your home as clean as you would like, choose L & L Home and Office Cleaning Services, Inc. as your maid service. We offer a wide range of recurring cleaning packages from weekly to monthly that will fit your needs and budget. Call our office in Coral Springs, FL, now to schedule an appointment.